Scott Dworkin

Trump removed a confederate monument today, his name is Steve Bannon.

Michael Skolnik

Most confederate monuments were erected during Jim Crow era.

They weren't put up for history, they were meant to terrorize black people.

Mark R. Levin

Wasn't Pelosi speaker? How many confederate statues did she remove from the Capitol? What a fraud. Meanwhile, I...

Wesley Lowery

re: "erasing history" - I don't know anyone who wants Confederate monuments gone who doesn't also want *more* public education about slavery

Lauren Jauregui

Things to smile about: I'm happy & healthy, people are openly calling out white supremacy, confederate statues are being taken down❤

Laura Ingraham

Poll: 62 Percent of U.S. Adults Say Keep Confederate Statues | LifeZette

Matt Bellassai

i wont be happy until every confederate monument is replaced with a statue of rupaul that turns everybody who looks upon it into a go go boy

Rhett McLaughlin

I just published “Thoughts on Confederate Statues from a Southern White Male”

Lydia Polgreen

Why were confederate monuments built? Often to intimidate uppity black folks. Amazing piece from a historian.


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