Best of Twitter all time about Tillerson trending topic

Newt Gingrich

Tillerson is calm,knowledgable,experienced, successful and offering powerful educational answers about the kind of Sect of State he would be

Senator Tim Kaine

It's shameful Tillerson refused to answer my questions on his company's role in funding phony climate science. Bottom line: #ExxonKnew

Maxine Waters

Do you really think Putin is not going to meet w/ Tillerson - the former CEO of ExxonMobil - who was awarded Russia's Order of Friendship?

margaret brennan

If you're wondering why the US press doesn't have pictures of Secretary Tillerson at the Kremlin, that's because he ditched his press pool

Sarah Kendzior

Tillerson is saying it is impossible to be friends with Russia.


Eric Bradner

This hour, Tillerson has...

1. Admitted not talking to Trump about Russia.

2. Set Rubio off about Putin.

3. Lied about Exxon lobbying.

Evan McMullin

A vote to confirm Rex Tillerson is a vote for Trump's dangerous relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Kyle Griffin

Pretty stunning exchange here—

Rubio: "Is Vladimir Putin a war criminal?"

Tillerson: "I would not use that term."

Pretty stunning exchange here—Rubio "Is Vladimir Putin a war criminal?"Tillerson "I would not use that term."

Gay men are being beaten and tortured in detention camps in #Chechnya. Sec. Tillerson tell Russia's FM this must stop! cc: @StateDept


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