Matt McDermott

tomi lahren: i'm a racist bigot
republicans: you go girl
tomi lahren: i'm pro-choice

tomi lahren i'm a racist bigot republicans you go girl tomi lahren i'm pro-choice republicans
Ken Tremendous

I used to think Tomi Lahren was a racist dingdong. But after hearing she's pro-choice, I think she's a racist dingdong who's pro-choice!

John Fugelsang

Tomi Lahren was fired for supporting women's reproductive rights after all she's done for a party that rejects women's reproductive rights.


Tomi Lahren has reportedly been suspended from her show after revealing she's pro-choice:

Tomi Lahren has reportedly been suspended from her show after revealing she's pro-choice
Francis Maxwell

Tomi Lahren: BLM new KKK conservatives: FREE SPEECH!
Tomi Lahren: i'm pro-choice
conservatives: new phone, who dis?

Tony Posnanski

Tomi Lahren- I hate blacks!

Blaze- YAY!

T- I hate Muslims!


T- I hate liberals!


T- A woman should choos...

B- Whoa!!!!

Ijeoma Oluo

If only there was a movement of women fighting to make sure that Tomi Lahren could keep her abortion rights... Maybe a march or something?

Mark Dice

All the haters celebrating Tomi Lahren suspension are in for a surprise when this will only make her more popular 😂 @TomiLahren

Beth Elderkin

Tomi Lahren: "Those damn liberal snowflakes will silence anyone for their opinions."
Conservatives: "Hold my beer."


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